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Welcoming 18 New Guardians to WCA Nyaminyami Team

In an exciting development this month, we proudly trained and welcomed 18 dedicated individuals to join the WCA Nyaminyami team as community guardians. These unsung heroes play a crucial role in safeguarding wildlife and preserving the environment within their local communities. Their multifaceted responsibilities include collaborating with locals to raise awareness about conservation, implementing strategies to mitigate human-wildlife conflicts, and actively participating in the enforcement of conservation laws and regulations.

The community guardianship program extends its benefits to both people and wildlife alike. Under the watchful guidance of these guardians, communities experience a heightened sense of ownership and responsibility for their natural resources. This not only fosters increased knowledge about wildlife and habitats but also promotes harmonious coexistence with the wild.

Crucially, this newfound knowledge empowers communities to protect their livelihoods and enhance food security. By minimising harvest and food losses to wildlife, such as elephants, these guardians contribute significantly to sustainable living practices. Furthermore, the program strives to strengthen community cohesion and pride, resulting in improved relationships with local authorities and a notable reduction in retaliatory killings.

The initiative also sheds light on gender disparities in wildlife conservation participation. Acknowledging the prevailing social and cultural norms, we recognize the impact on women's involvement. Often burdened with roles such as childcare and housework, women face limitations in mobility, impeding their active engagement in conservation activities.

Addressing this disparity head-on, WCA is actively challenging traditional gender norms in wildlife conservation. We understand the historical dominance of men in this field and acknowledge the lack of representation for women. To counter this, we are committed to providing encouragement, support, and opportunities for women to pursue careers in wildlife conservation. By actively diversifying our team and fostering an inclusive environment, we aim to rewrite the narrative, ensuring that women play a pivotal role in the vital work of wildlife conservation. Join us in championing a more equitable and inclusive future for conservation efforts.

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