Our Mission

To promote human-wildlife coexistence and sustainable socio-economic development of communities through wildlife and habitat conservation, human-wildlife conflict mitigation, conservation education, training, and public engagement




Our Approach

Although one of our ultimate goals is to conserve wildlife, we also focus on empowering communities living adjacent to wildlife areas and improving their livelihoods. We believe that seeking and developing economic empowerment opportunities will have a net effect of reducing the community’s dependence on illegal activities i.e., bush meat poaching and illegal wildlife trade.


Our Vision

We envisage a world where biodiversity is protected through community-based conservation.


Meet Our Team

We are a team of African Conservationists working to save our wildlife and improve the lives of the people that live alongside the wildlife. 


Liomba Junior Mathe
Board Member 

Communities living alongside wildlife are among the poorest in society and they also have to bear the costs of living with wildlife with little to no benefit. Our community development programs are focused on improving community livelihoods

Is a Zimbabwean-Oxford trained conservationist determined to understanding the complex patterns of Human predator-conflict along the edges of Protected Areas (PAs) and better contribute to improving rural livelihood systems by mitigating the conflict and provide ongoing contributions to conserve Africa’s lions. He is an active member of the African Lion Working Group (ALWG) and the KAZA Carnivore Conservation Coalition (KCCC), providing ongoing contributions to the conservation of the African lion. 

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Obert Manyeza
Board Member 

Is a community development specialist with significant experience in, grant management, advocacy, policy tracking, programme and project design, capacity development, project implementation, management, monitoring and evaluation at national and regional levels. He has vast experience working with international development agencies including Zimbabwe AIDS Network, National AIDS Council, Progressio UK, and Restless Development. Obert has worked in and implemented programming targeted at marginalised communities near and around national parks in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana while working as Head of Programmes at African Bush Camps Foundation. Through his time with African Bush Camps Foundation, he was responsible for ensuring that local communities were at the fore front and reaping the benefits tourism to the communities. Obert is passionate about finding solutions that the human wildlife conflicts affecting our rural communities living near national parks


Maxwell Phiri
Board Member 

Is a mature and seasoned Forester/Natural Resources management expert with over 25 years experience in Forestry and rural development in Zimbabwe. Implemented international forestry, wildlife and agricultural development programmes during secondment from Government of Zimbabwe (Forestry Commission) to the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the United Nations (FAO)- (2010-2012) and as FAO’s Project Coordinator for the EU funded Forest Forces project (2014-2019). Has worked at both technical and middle management levels in the Government of Zimbabwe and at FAO. Currently coordinating the EU funded Sustainable Wildlife Management Project implemented on the Zimbabwe side of the KaZa site

Dr Moreangels Mbizah

Founder and Executive Director

Born and raised in Zimbabwe. She has a DPhil in Zoology from the University of Oxford. Moreangels is passionate about inspiring the next generation of African conservationist and building the capacity of future African conservation leaders.

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Simbarashe Chatikobo

Projects Director 

Simba holds a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Animal and Wildlife Sciences. He is passionate about local involvement in conservation matters and cultivating locally driven solutions to conservation challenges.

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Tapiwa  Prosper  

 Conservation Awareness Programs Manager  


Tapiwa is a certified Peace Practitioner whose interest is vested in advocating for pro-poor policies for development, equal and meaningful participation of local communities in decision making, and human-animal conflict mitigation. He holds a BSc Hons Degree in Peace, Conflict, and Governance from Great Zimbabwe University.  Tapiwa believes that there should be peaceful coexistence between humans, wildlife, and the environment for the world to see positive peace.

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Rudadiso Mutichuwu

Finance and Administration Manager

Rudadiso is passionate about the creation of an ecocentric accounting system based on profound green concepts. She graduated with honors from the University of Zimbabwe with a Bachelor of Accounts degree. Through her work, Rudadiso seeks to encourage human-animal coexistence. 


Kudakwashe Chuma

Project Manager

Nyaminyami Coexistence Project

Kudakwashe is an astute environmentalist with a strong desire to see humans take full responsibility for environmental preservation. He holds a BSc Hons Degree in Geography and Environmental Sciences from Midlands State University. He envisions a society in which humans and animals coexist in peace and share available resources such as water, air, and land equally. 

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Vimbainashe Eunick Chitauro 

Conservation Education Programs Manager


Vimbainashe is a young lady highly passionate about wildlife conservation and conservation education. She has  been passionate about wildlife ever since she was a little girl, all thanks to some National Geographic VHS tapes. Vimbainashe believes wildlife shows and connects her  to a power greater than herself


Pelton Mumba 

Attachment Student 2022-2023


A student at Chinhoyi University of Technology pursuing a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Wildlife, Ecology and Conservation. He is  passionate about advocating for  nature  conservation through story telling and documentation. He hopes to contribute as much in aspects of Huma Wildlife Conflict Mitigation through scientific research and videography .Pelton loves graphics designing and thinks that it is imperative in disseminating the conservation message in the technology era. 


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Tumelo Mudimba

Attachment student


Tumelo is a student at the University of Zimbabwe . He is pursuing  a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Biological Sciences majoring in Ecology. He is enthusiastic about long-term wildlife management. His conservation efforts are motivated by firsthand experiences of wildlife population decimation due to poaching in his rural home of Binga, Sinampande.

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Moono Syapiila

Attachment student 2022  


Moono is studying an Animal Science and Rangeland Management Bachelor of Agriculture Sciences Honours Degree at Lupane State University. She grew up in a rural household in Zambia's Sinasongwe, where she witnessed human-animal violence. This encounter has inspired her to pursue a degree in wildlife sciences in order to effectively contribute to the development of sustainable human-animal conflict mitigation methods as a strategy to support peaceful coexistence between humans and animals.

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Lorraine Jowa 


Education (GOTW) 

Project Facilitator

 Lorraine holds a Bachelor's Science Honors Degree in Natural Resources Management. She loves to do game drives, nature walks, and her hobby is Beekeeping. Lorraine desires to see a world where everyone has a voice and a place in the conservation of Natural Resources and our Environment.

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Francisca Chipare

Attachment student 


Francisca is a student at Chinhoyi University of Technology, where she is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Wildlife, Ecology, and Conservation. She is passionate about wildlife biology and hopes to make a significant contribution to endangered species conservation through research and advocacy.

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Batabilili Community Guardians 

Chastity Chavhonga

Community Guardian 

Chastity is enthusiastic about wildlife protection, and she was inspired to do so after growing up in an area with a diverse range of wildlife. She aspires to further her education and establish herself as a force to be reckoned with in the male-dominated profession of conservation.


Community Guardian

Tapfumaneyi aims to foster human-wildlife coexistence by educating local communities about wildlife's importance. She also wants to be a part of developing and implementing livestock predation mitigation measures in the Mola area and elsewhere. 


Tapfumanei Sigundu

Ezekiel Gunuka

Community Guardian

Ezekiel adores nature, and he is dedicated to its preservation so that future generations can enjoy it in its natural setting. . He aspires t o become professional guide. In order to become a professional guide, he wants to improve his abilities and expertise in animal protection through hands on experience .


Ishmael Siamkonde

Community Guardian

Ishmael is dedicated to finding practical solutions to livestock predation in the Mola area where he grew up. He wants to put an end to local populations' retaliatory killings of large carnivores by introducing non-lethal livestock predation mitigation methods. Carnivores, according to Ishmael, have the potential to improve the livelihoods of the Mola people through tourism, so they must be protected.


Charles Charinga 

Community Guardian

Charles grew up in Mola, where he witnessed lions and hyenas prey on livestock. He was inspired to participate in the development and implementation of livestock predation mitigation measures after firsthand experience with these negative human-animal interactions.


Governor Siajanika

Community Guardian

Governor considers livestock farming to be a source of prosperity in his community, thus losing them is a significant loss. Given the scenario of cattle predation in the Mola area where he lives, he was inspired to try to develop long-term answers to the challenges that his community was experiencing. He also intends to continue his education and pursue a career in conservation.


Jessica Lake

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Rick Landry

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Pardon Siahundu

Community Guardian


Pardon comes from a rural family where he spent his childhood dealing with wildlife. He's come to understand the value of wildlife to human survival and the ecosystem. As a result, he strives to promote human-animal coexistence by finding answers to the community's predation and crop-raiding issues.



Sailos Siangombe

Community Guardian

Sailos is concerned about the decline of lion populations in the Nyaminyami District and around the world. As a result, he chose conservation as a means of helping to save lions from extinction and finding a solution to the community's predation problem, which is primarily caused by lions in the area that he comes from.



Past Attachment Students

Tellmore  Siazemba

Community Guardian

Tellmore is passionate about educating local communities about the importance of wildlife conservation through reducing human intrusion into wildlife regions and protecting wildlife corridors as a strategy of mitigating  human-animal conflict. He believes that by doing so, humans and animals will be able to coexist peacefully.


Jessica Lake

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Rick Landry

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Goodman Zhongove

Attachment Student 2021

Goodman is a student at Lupane State University. He is undertaking a Bachelor of Science Honours Degree in Wildlife Resources Management. He is interested in research and scientific publication. His conservation fight is to prevent extinction so that the beauty of all wildlife resources can continue to be appreciated by generations to come. He was part of our Shangani Carnivore Project 2021 team.

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Kelvin E. Mapisa

Attachment Student 2021

Kelvin who has rural background was saddened by the indiscriminate killing of wildlife by poachers in his rural home, viewing this as a threat to wildlife populations from a young age. He has always been drawn to conservation, joined several such clubs as a result, and ultimately enrolled with the Chinhoyi University of Technology to study for a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Wildlife, Ecology, and Conservation. He was part of our Shangani Carnivore Project 2021 team.

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Nick Ncube 

Attachment Student 2021

Nick is pursuing a Bachelor of Science Honors Degree in Wildlife Resources Management at Lupane State University. He is passionate about large-carnivore conservation, promoting human-wildlife coexistence and improving local community livelihoods. He was part of our Nyaminyami Coexistence  Project 2021 team.

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