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The use of Environmental Education and Awareness in promoting Innovative Conservation thinking among children. 

Article by Farai Nhekairo

The knowledge imparted and foundations of personality molded at an early stage of life are mostly concrete and do shape long-term perceptions and behavior.  Likewise, in the conservation space, awareness raised as well as education and knowledge transmitted in children will go a long way in cultivating tolerance and creating a good stewardship mindset towards wildlife and biodiversity in general.

Wildlife Conservation Action believes that future successful conservation leaders are built today. The organization is passionate about education, training, and impartation of skills in building young conservationists across primary, secondary, and tertiary levels. Wildlife Conservation Action`s Training and Capacity-building projects are focused on Schools Conservation Education Clubs, Undergraduate and Graduate Training, Social Media Engagement, Conservation Camps, and National Park Visits, particularly in Wildlife-Conflict hotspots, Nyaminyami, Mbire, and Muzarabani Districts of Zimbabwe.

Students in Nyaminyami attest to the ability of WCA`s Environmental Education Programs to transform minds and create positive perceptions.

“WCA has helped me understand that I am a steward thus I should keep the environment clean and protect endangered animal and plant species”. Jyde Monga, Form 4 Student, Mola High School


Pilot Ngwenya, a Form 4 student indicated that he has mastered the principles of human-wildlife co-existence and now has a better understanding of animal behavior. He said,

“I am now a guardian well able to teach others to maintain a balanced ecosystem.

The Conservation Education Club Program (Guardian of the Wild) has been instrumental in raising awareness and effectively encouraging innovative conservation actions in more than 1000 students in both Nyaminyami and Harare schools. Students have managed to demonstrate their understanding of conservation issues through poetry, composition as well as arts and crafts. 

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