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Your donations to Wildlife Conservation Action will go a long way in supporting our work in developing and providing innovative solutions for humans and wildlife to coexist.

All donations go directly to conservation work on the ground including research equipment (GPS collars, tracking equipment and camera traps), operational costs (vehicle maintenance and fuel), community livelihood projects, educational material and livestock mobile bomas. Your donations will go a long way in ensuring conservation of threatened species and improving livelihoods of communities living alongside wildlife.

You can chose to donate to a specific project by using the buttons below. 


I would like to help school children and communities receive environmental education and awareness and be taken to National Parks to see wild animals. This would increase an interest in wildlife conservation, reduce human-wildlife conflict and increase tolerance towards wildlife.


To provide environmental education and awareness and take a child/adult for a 2 day trip to a National Park would cost USD $50/person.





I would like to help buy a mobile boma. This would protect livestock , which would lead to reduction in incidences of human-wildlife conflict, increase tolerance towards wildlife, improve livelihoods and protect lions and other large carnivores.


The material to produce one mobile boma cost

USD $400 


I would like to help with the buying of equipment for research, monitoring and conservation action. This would help restore habitat and conserve the wildlife as well as reduce human-wildlife conflict. 


To track the movement of  wildlife using a GPS collar would costs around USD $3000. A single camera for camera trapping to monitor wildlife would cost around USD $200



I would like to contribute towards the training and the salaries of the community guardians. This would support the communities so they can successful protect their wildlife. Human-wildlife conflict would decrease and tolerance increase.


USD $100 would cover a monthly salary of one community guardian.


Wildlife Conservation Action

Our organisation is seeking ways to jointly address conservation and livelihoods issues to benefit both wildlife and people living alongside wildlife

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